Clearing the Rain
Because all Storms must pass



Clearing the Rain


A company who's mission is to provide mentoring and guidance to those living with past sexual trauma and various forms of abuse.  


Nobody has control over us. We are just painfully addicted to giving our power away.
— Kyle Cease

How true that is! If you've been surviving this life; going through the phases of getting up, going to work, coming home, taking care of the kids, and not much of anything else, I'm here to tell you that that life you dream of is entirely possible! It's not only possible, but you can actually have it!


You always have a choice!

I know what it's like to think that your power to choose has been forever stripped from you. It doesn't have to be though!  You have the power to choose whether you are going to stay surviving in the dark or if you're going to square those shoulders and walk through it to get to a much lighter, freer, and authentic life!

If you're tired of just surviving your day to day and not really moving forward with your hopes and dreams, then now is the time to ACT! Now is the time to know that there IS someone out there that defied the odds, that defeated all the pain and suffering meant to keep us low after that ultimate invasion. 

I can show you exactly how to start making choices that are powerfully yours. I can show you what it means to live your life without fears of a better future. I want to help you be so empowered that this survivorhood becomes a mere memory and help you gain the confidence to live as boldly as you were meant to! 

If you're ready to gain the tools needed to make it from Survivor to Liver, then entrust that precious heart and soul with me and see just how strong you REALLY are!  Let's take this trip together, knowing every step of the way, that you are no longer alone, you're no longer trapped in that bottomless pit of despair; that there is a way out, and you've finally found it!