Clearing the Rain
Because all Storms must pass

Mission Statement



Clearing the Rain is an epically game-changing company that leads men and women from survival mode to living powerfully as f*ck. Life is too short and valuable to live small and in fear.

Clearing the Rain understands that in order to help men and women find their true and mighty purpose, we need to empower as many as possible. We want to drastically change their life and the lives of all the people they inspire.

Changing the world's perception about how powerful a woman REALLY is, is what inspires and drives Clearing the Rain . Think of Clearing the Rain as the Mermicorn that is the world's leading go-to resource for people who haven't received true justice from the abuses they survived.

Clearing the Rain's global efforts through the foundation will eventually support various countries in the colossal shift in acceptable societal standards.

What's left when the rain clears? Growth. Exquisite, fearless GROWTH!


We take our values and responsibility to you, the client, and the world incredibly seriously!  Nothing is more important to us than maintaining and fostering relationships based on:

  • Empowerment
  • Integrity
  • Healing
  • Personal Growth
  • Responsibility
  • Confidentiality
  • Expression of Authentic Self
  • Self-Love above all other love

At Clearing the Rain, we believe that after such traumas, it is vital to your personal growth and well-being to practice radical, unflinching self love. Not an easy task to accomplish, but I can assure you it is entirely possible.