Clearing the Rain
Because all Storms must pass

Mentorship Options

Want to know more about what I can do for you?  Check out the 3 Month Adventure, the 6 Month Excursion, and your 1 year Journey.

VIP 1 year Journey

VIP 1 year Journey


Ready for the Journey of a lifetime?  This is an extremely exclusive package that I offer to only 1 person a year.  The clarity, empowerment, and overall deeper connection that you will gain through this Journey is unparalleled. If you're ready to break free from all the chains that keep you stuck and just surviving this life, then this Journey has your name written allll over it!  I can fill your tool belt with the rest of the skills and tools you need to build the bridge between Survivor and Liver.  I want you to be so empowered that dreams are no longer dreams, they are your new reality!

Time to Start my Journey

The 1-year Journey isn't for everyone. In fact, it's ONLY for the person who understands that their entire life has the ability to change if they only see the value in themselves for a moment.  This is the most intensive package offered and is a complete overhaul.   If you've seen the patterns that no longer serve you, but don't know how to break them and start anew, then you are who I'm talking to.  If you've known that something has got to give and you can't for the life of you figure out what that is, then I'm telling YOU specifically that it is time to Journey inwards, learns the tools and methods you need to so that you can finally be free from all the social/parental/experiential conditioning, traumatic conditioning, and false egoic ideals that you've learned to 'live' your life by.  Learn how to TRULY live YOUR LIFE on this Journey.  

In 1 year we will cover: 

  • Fear
  • Trust
  • Self-Care
  • Empowerment
  • Sex
  • Boundaries
  • Confidence
  • Self-Power
  • Forgiveness
  • Clarity
  • Purposeful Living vs Living Purposefully
  • Acting Intuitively
  • Sooooo much more!


The cycling through those old patterns stops here!  No longer are you going to be the slave to the patterns and cycles that you've had to create out of necessity!  They don't and will not continue to serve you, so let's start new ones that actually do coincide with how truly powerful and amazing you are!

On this Journey, you'll experience all of the above AND:

  • ~12 workbooks
  • ~52-1 hr 1:1 calls with card pull 
  • ~4-2 hr goal setting intensives (1/quarter)
  • ~Facebook, email, phone, text support (unlimited)
  • ~Daily Facebook check ins
  • ~Daily Card Pull sent to your inbox each day
  • ~Monthly Mind, Body, Spirit Card Pull


  • ~Access to all workshops for the year 
  • ~Access to all past workshops
  • ~1 Reiki session with Dreama per month
  • ~Lifetime access to all minor programs for discounted price

You've lived with all this crap long enough. Don't you think it's about time that you did something to create the life and identity you deserve?

I take only one, highly dedicated, fully committed, ready to rock the hell out of their lives person. Is that you?